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Prayer (5 Minutes):

  1. Clear Vision for Scaling Repetitive Tasks
  2. Extreme Diligence for Developing Job Descriptions
  3. Health for the Long Haul of Ministry

Personal (10 Minutes):

  1. How did it go? The “Mass Producing Meeting Agendas”
  2. How did it go? The “Right, Wrong, Confused, Missing”
  3. What is a “personal rule” or principle you live by? Do you have a statement that comes from a “Life According to Me” wisdom bucket?
  4. Does your spouse think you are in the “sweet-spot” of your career?
  5. In your life and ministry, what are you wasting your time with? What should go or be reduced?

Prepare (15 Minutes):



  1. Metric for Success – A Retention Strategy
  2. How to Use the Metric for Success Downloads

Finalizing Job Descriptions Ministry Wide:

  1. Solidifying all LONG Job Descriptions
  2. Solidifying all SHORT (S.M.A.R.T.) Job Descriptions
  3. Pre-Writing Draft Emails for Training + Recruiting

Plan (25 Minutes):

  1. Answering Your Questions and Discussion of Your Learning.
  2. ASSIGNMENT #1: Compile all Long and Short Job Descriptions
  3. ASSIGNMENT #2: Pre-Write Draft Emails for Each Volunteer Area