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Prayer (5 Minutes):

  1. Catch the vision for Ministry Multiplication
  2. Clearly see what barriers are holding us back in fully multiplying ourselves
  3. Hunger for an easier future

Personal (10 Minutes):

  1. Is there anything in your current job that makes you think, “I realize I am not good at this and I have no desire to get better at it.”
  2. Normally, comparing yourself to others is not a good practice. However, there is value in seeing how you might shine or have gifts that others do not have. What are your “super powers” or areas of specialty and gifting?

Prepare (15 Minutes):


  1. Introduction Video
  2. Moses Relied On It

Shame vs. Pride - Which of the “Common Complaints” hits home for you?

  1. “It is my job to be the pastor, not others.”
  2. “It is easier to just do it myself”
  3. “I am better at it than those under me.  I am the best _____ .”
  4. “They might outshine me?  They might be better than me?”
  5. “I do not want to burden volunteers?”

Plan (25 Minutes):

  1. Answering Your Questions and Discussion of Your Learning.
  2. ASSIGNMENT #1: Write your “Personal Eulogy”.
  3. ASSIGNMENT #2: Write what you “What People Will Say at My Funeral”.