Summary: Stop running from one fire to the next and trying to do it all.

You are living a movie. Your life is a movie. You are literally living your very own screenplay right now. As in any good movie, there is a villain. The villain in the movie of most ministry leader’s lives is the villain, Burnout. When burnout enters the room, that ominous and disturbing music rises in the background.  The stakes are high. You are living a movie and there is a villain and that villain is Burnout. But who will win?

Too many leaders are caught running from one fire to the next.  You need to get organized. Too many leaders are watching helplessly as the revolving door of volunteers sucks the life right out of them. You need to retain volunteers. Too many leaders are burning out because there are just not enough people so they scurry here and there and end up doing it all themselves.  You need to prevent burnout.

You need a proven plan to stop that villain and have a victorious closing scene where your life and your ministry are a success. Let me help you get your life back on track.

LEADVOLUNTEERS helps you get organized, stops the revolving door of volunteers and prevents burnout. Why not let me do the heavy lifting for you. You need help and I’m here to help.

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