A 1-Year Install to Build a
Lead Volunteers Staff Culture

Recruit, Train and Retain!

Your Team Should Not Be Scattered
and Confused

  • Our staff is NOT on the same page.
  • We need a plan, but are not sure where to start.
  • Our staff lacks a unified language.
  • Every area has their own “system”. We need unity.
  • We struggle to keep key volunteers long-term.
  • We need staff leaders who multiply themselves.
  • We have good intentions, but can’t get organized.
  • We will NEVER be able to hire to fill all our needs!
  • We need a crystal clear plan for leading volunteers.

Helping You Implement a
Proven Plan

Recruit, Train and Retain!

The 1-Year Install Deliverables

A clear plan for all to follow

Team unity and alignment

A defined system for all areas

A simple, repeatable framework

Years of inaction now resolved

An action plan bringing big results.

*Most clients don't realize they've been stuck for years.
The 1-Year Install gets your entire team moving again.

A Seamless Strategy for Every
Area in the Church

Recruit, Train and Retain!

Steps to Initiate the 1-Year Install


Your team needs a proven and clear path to Recruit, Train and Retain Volunteers.

Make a Plan

Installs include two onsite visits, leader coaching calls and Lead Volunteers Memberships for all staff.

Reap Benefits

Create a common language, team alignment and gain ministry health immediately!

Stop the Pain and Start to Retain
Volunteers NOW!

Recruit, Train and Retain!