Summary: We are called to be builders of people. Who are you building up in the Lord?

Romans 15:2 tells us “We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord.”

Paul calls us “builders.” We are following in the footsteps of the Great Carpenter, Jesus Christ. We do not carve stones. We likely don’t use a hammer, a chisel and a saw in our ministry labors. We are builders nonetheless. We are called to lead others into what is right and thus they are built. We are called to be builders of people, not buildings.

The Lord Jesus is the “general contractor,” overseeing the hopeful development of His children. You are a “sub-contractor,” given a small portion of the work. Do you know your part of the work? Your job is not a program director. Your job is not a keeper of the schedule. Your job is not a curator of creative curriculum. Your job is to build people and help them to do what is right.

As you enlist someone into the work, they, through your tender care, are built up. Often, it is through someone participating in the work of the ministry that results in them growing in the Lord.

Who are you leading to do what is right? Who are you building up in the Lord? Ask God for spiritual bricks and mortar today. What small step could you take, today, to lay an important brick in someone else’s spiritual house?