Summary: In leadership development, you will have moments of confirmation - defining what you are already doing well - and moments of realization - defining where you need to stretch, grow and up your game.

Lead Volunteers is a proven process. In this process, you will have moments of CONFIRMATION, defining what we are already doing well. However, through this process, you will also have moments of REALIZATION, defining where we need to stretch, grow and up your game.

I want you to have moments where you exclaim, “DUDE, we are doing that! We are doing something right!” That is confirmation. I want you to have those moments and I want you to let the endorphins roll. I want you to have that natural high and confirmation from the Lord that you are on the right path.

But I am not here to just tickle your ears. I also want to push you PAST what you are currently doing. I want you to get stronger leadership legs. I want you to do hard work. I want you to have eye opening realizations that you have blind spots in some areas. However, we have provided you with instantly implementable resources to support you through those realizations.

Let’s go. Let’s do this. Join in with me. Let’s have some CONFIRMATIONS and some REALIZATIONS. I created this Master Level course out of the real life ministry experience I had. I was a pastor for over 10 years. I had to figure out a way to survive and succeed. Over those years and through those experiences, I created some unique tools that have been benefitting leaders internationally.

I want you to have some of the same realizations that others have had. I want you to have some of the “Ahh-Haa” moments that leaders have had. I want you to exclaim, “Wow, that is a good idea and I can do that right away.” Let’s have some moments of confirmation together. But let’s have some moments of realization together as well. Join the Lead Volunteers community today.