Summary: The brain craves a starting point and an ending point. If you use a “communication sandwich” you can help your listener retain more information by packaging the communication correctly.

Today, I want to tell you about the simplicity of the “Communication Sandwich.” The “Communication Sandwich” will allow you to become more effective in your written and verbal leadership. This is a tried-and-true method of communication that makes it EASIER for a leader to prepare. That’s you! This simple type of communication also makes it EASIER for the listener to receive and remember. That’s them!

The “Communication Sandwich” is composed of three parts: A top bun, the meat and the bottom bun. The top bun is when you tell your audience exactly what you are about to tell them. “Today I am going to tell you about the Communication Sandwich.” The meat is telling them the deeper details of your topic, in this case, the “Communication Sandwich.” The bottom bun is nothing more than telling them, “I have just told you about the “Communication Sandwich.”

The brain craves a starting point and an ending point. Effective communicators make the brain of the listener do LESS WORK and therefore gain and retain more information. If we are to be effective communicators, we need to learn to PACKAGE our communication correctly.

Let me give you the meat of this “Communication Sandwich” Part one is the Top Bun. Tell your audience precisely what you are going to tell them. Part two is the meat or the middle part. After you have told them what you are going to tell them, you actually TELL THEM exactly what you told them you were going to tell them! Part three is the closer or bottom bun. You simply tell them that you literally just told them what you wanted to tell them.

Today, I have just told you about the “Communication Sandwich.” Let me challenge you to incorporate this communication method and watch your audience devour your content. Did you see what I just did there? I literally used the communication sandwich to teach you about the communication sandwich.