Summary: When you go first and model vulnerability, you can cause a chain reaction of “Jailbreak Moments” where others are set free.

Today, I want to talk to you about the power of a “Jailbreak Moment.” Imagine watching a movie and all of the jail doors simultaneously open. Every prisoner’s door is flung wide open. We might call this a “Jailbreak Moment.” As leaders in the church, we long to witness “Jailbreak Moments” and see people set free.

Let’s keep that movie imagery in mind. People are locked up. They want to go free and yet prison bars seem to be holding them back. They feel stuck. For the sake of our discussion, let’s imagine that freedom is found through vulnerability. Vulnerability is being honest with where we are right now, no longer hiding behind a mask. Freedom is found as jail doors open and people come clean about their true self, their true struggles and experience true freedom.

In my experience, in order for a “Jailbreak Moment” to happen, someone has to go first. Someone has to take a first step and model vulnerability. There is power in someone being honest about where they have been, sharing transparently. There is power in being honest about where someone is right now, sharing with vulnerability.

Have you ever experienced a “Jailbreak Moment?” Here is how it can happen: Someone shares that they feel like a bad parent because their teen is angry all the time. At that moment, 3 other parents come out of the darkness and share that they feel the same way. Now four people no longer feel alone. Someone went first. At this moment, one person took off a mask. When one person shares, taking a step of vulnerability, the prison guard’s button, “Open All Jail Doors” seems to be pushed. Others feel they can walk through.

You go first and model vulnerability. You may cause a chain reaction of prison doors flying open.