Summary: Volunteering can seem like just “one more thing” in the busy lives of our volunteers. How can we give our volunteers a sense of value in what they are doing?

The volunteer grind is stressful, week in and week out. Here is why I think it is not only hard but also getting harder.

Volunteers have super busy lives OUTSIDE of the church. When they get “over involved”, they get overwhelmed, they get burned out and quit.

Soccer tournaments. Dance competitions. Traveling leagues. The lake house needs the yard mown and more. Not to mention their 40-45 hour a week job.  People are busy.

Volunteering can be that “ONE MORE THING” that tips people over the edge. Now they are looking at what they can TRIM OUT of their lives.

As leaders of volunteers, we must constantly provide people with a true sense of value. They need to feel that working with you ADDS value to their lives. Would you say that you are adding value to the lives of your volunteers? Are their lives BETTER because they serve with you? Are you adding to their life or are you only extracting from their life?

I want you to consider an investment in the Lead Volunteers course.  Intesting in Lead Volunteers is an investment in a BETTER you. A better you leads to a better ministry. A better you leads to a healthier volunteer team.

I really want to invite you to join the Lead Volunteers Community. You do not need to do this thing alone.  You need someone in your corner. I want to be in your corner, whispering into your ear tips, tactics and secretly providing you with tools. Join the Lead Volunteers community today and kick start YOUR growth as a leader.