Summary: Smile More. Have a face that people are eager to approach. Have a yes face, and not a stress face.

In a ministry context, I think one of the most important things is simply to smile. Yes. At the end of a Sunday, I would come home, and my face would feel sore because I had worked the muscles, my smiling muscles. You see, I want to have a yes face and not a stress face.

I want to have a face that people are eager to approach. This is a “yes face”. Let’s contrast that with a “no face”. I don't want to walk around on a Sunday morning with such a stern, rougher composure, like I am on a mission and not to be interrupted. 90% of communication is non-verbal. So, I am communicating, even when I'm not intending to communicate.

Could you smile more? I think we can all look a little more approachable. I think we all look a little bit more open to others. I think people will want to be around a smiler more than they would a person to continually frown. My encouragement to you is simple. Smile more, smile today. There is a stark contrast between the Yes-Face and the No-Face. Get into the habit of having a resting “Yes face”. I think it will make a huge difference.