Summary: Proverbs 11:25 says “The one who waters will himself be watered.” By pouring yourself out, God is able to refresh you with new water.

Proverbs 11:25 says “The one who waters will himself be watered.” Ministry is a process of continually giving. Sometimes we feel insecure about pouring out, for fear of becoming empty. We can be blessing-hoarders. We don’t water others out of fear that my cup will become bone dry. Yet, God keeps His word.

Continuing to water others is a matter of faith. But which happens first: My giving or my refilling? Herein lies yet another lesson in the “Upside-Down Kingdom of God.” It all begins with letting the waters of refreshment flow from me. In faith, I water and then find God brings new waters to refresh my soul. I want water to flow into me, therefore, I allow water to leave me and bless another. I water and then I am watered.

God faithfully comes behind me with waters of refreshment. I have sought to refresh people and I eagerly anticipate God to refresh me. I have watered other people’s kids and am banking on God to water mine. I do not want to be a stagnant and stale holding tank of water; therefore, I begin by watering others. Every time I fill someone else’s cup with cool water, I find my water bucket is replenished. Who around you is parched? Who can you water today?