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Prayer (5 Minutes):

  1. Openness for Change
  2. Acceptance of Hard Work
  3. Vision for Future Health

Personal (10 Minutes):

  1. What is your “Lead Volunteers Win”, since our LAST call? (Assignments?)
  2. Are you introverted or extroverted and how does this affect ministry for you?
  3. What is your primary Love Language (words, touch, service, time, gifts)?

Prepare (15 Minutes):

  1. The Phoenix, AZ City Planners Principle
  2. The Storming, Norming, Performing Cycle

Plan (25 Minutes):

  1. Answering Your Questions and Discussion of Your Learning
  2. ASSIGNMENT #1: Conduct multiple “Simple Serving Surveys”
  3. ASSIGNMENT #2: Conduct one “Open-Ended Survey”