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Prayer (5 Minutes):

  1. Long-term health and sustainability
  2. Lowered Ministry Drama
  3. Increased Margin for Growth

Personal (10 Minutes):

  1. What is your “Lead Volunteers Win”, since our LAST call? (Assignments?)
  2. How do you respond to stress (sleep, yell, eat, exercise, talk, journal, etc)?
  3. What has been the single biggest stressor for you in ministry?

Prepare (15 Minutes):

  1. A Plan for Sabbath and Rest: “Stacking 3 Together”
  2. Doing the Work of 1 Person vs. 2.5 People – The Curse of Competence

Plan (25 Minutes):

  1. Answering Your Questions and Discussion of Your Learning
  2. ASSIGNMENT #1: Create, send and evaluate Google Surveys
  3. ASSIGNMENT #2: Call 4 people with NO ask or agenda