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Prayer (5 Minutes):

  1. Joy in Ministry
  2. Perseverance and Progress
  3. Wind in Our Sails

Personal (10 Minutes):

  1. What is your “Lead Volunteers Win”, since our LAST call? (Assignments?)
  2. What was your worst or funniest job?
  3. What is your best comfort food?

Prepare (15 Minutes):

  1. Capturing “The Golden Moments” in Ministry
  2. How to Lead Up: Busy leaders want to APPROVE your well-constructed plans, not solve your problems.

Plan (25 Minutes):

  1. Answering Your Questions and Discussion of Your Learning
  2. ASSIGNMENT #1: Complete your “Top 10” research
  3. ASSIGNMENT #2: Create personalized “Redirect Sheets” and “Slots Sheets”