#49. Wisdom In Ministry
w/ Hampton Simms
#48. Your Job As A Leader
w/ Hampton Simms
Merry Christmas!
A Lead Volunteers Christmas
#45. How I Avoid Burning Out
When You Feel Overwhelmed
#44. Do Your Volunteers Know Each Other?
Creating Ministry Connections
#43. The Best FREE Ministry Tool
Spirit Led Ministry
#42. A Conversation w/ Dawn Farris
Small-Time Ministry in a Big-Time Way
#40. Is Your Ministry A Mess?
Hope In The Chaos
#38. Knowing When To Say "No"
Doing Healthy Ministry
#36. The Most Effective Recruiting Strategy
Recruiting High Quality Leaders
#35. Measure Twice, Cut Once
Save Yourself Time
#33. Celebrating Your Team
Why you should be celebrating more!
#32. Lonely Leadership (And How To Avoid It)
What Does Sacrificial Leadership Look Like?
#31. Focus On YOUR Few
N.O.P.E - Not Our Problem Everyone
#29. Dealing With Disunifying Leaders
How to spot and deal with a disunifying team member.
#28. How to Lead Through Chaos
Mission Trumps Methods
#27. Automation Makes Ministry MORE Personal
Debunking the myth: Automation is impersonal.
#26. Leading through COVID-19
Time + Consistency = Results. Even in a Pandemic...
#25. Leading Worship is LEADERSHIP
A powerful interview with Yancy Richmond.
#23. How to Make Ministry a Party!
An interview with Jared Lilly!
#22. How to Be Successful in Ministry
Kelly Presson, National Leadership Director for AG KidMin
#21. Don't Phone In Your Spiritual Life
Part 2 w/ Michayla White, INCM
#20. How to Get the Most from Volunteers
Michayla White, Director of INCM, Shares Powerful Lessons
#19. Too Holy for God?
Vance Martin goes DEEP and challenges surface level heart issues.
#18. Go With Who You Have
Interview with David Richards about leading teams.
#17 - The Hand of the Diligent will Rule
How to do less of what you hate and more of what you love.
#16 - Dominate with Diligence
Do you DO or do you TALK about doing?
#15 - The Poopy Stall Principle
Choosing a Harvest Over Neurotic Order
#14 - Beasts of Burden
Learnings from the Book of Proverbs
#13. Volunteers + Big Events (p.2)
Simple Steps = Win with Events
#12: Volunteers + Big Events (p.1)
Win at events with KEY roles.
#11: Are your volunteers BORED?
Boredom is WORSE than Burnout.
#9: 3 Signs of a Miserable Volunteer
Anonymity. Immeasurement. Irrelevance.
#8: Purposelessness and Losing Volunteers
You would think volunteering for a ministry would naturally come with its own sense of purpose, right? Well unfortunately, it's not.
#7: Volunteer Job Descriptions
Why do my volunteers need a job description?
#6: Recruiting In A Digital World
Should you text? Call? Email? We can help.
#5: How to Release a Volunteer
Parts 3 & 4 of our four-part series.
#4: How to Release a Volunteer
Part two of a four-part series.
#3: How To Release A Volunteer
First in a four-part series.
#2: Share the Vision, Not the Sacrifice
Recruit in a way that excites you AND your volunteers.
#1: Always and Never Do's of Recruiting
Things that you should Always AND Never Do.