25. Leaders are Still Humans
Feeling ill-equipped and afraid is common! But we can take steps toward being a better leader even today.
24. Sunday is Always Coming
If you have an event on Friday night … Sunday is still coming. You may constantly feel the looming pressure of finding volunteers. Grow yourself as a leader so you can better meet the demands of your ministry.
23. One More Thing
Volunteering can seem like just “one more thing” in the busy lives of our volunteers. How can we give our volunteers a sense of value in what they are doing?
22. Taking Care of Volunteers
We were volunteers before leading volunteers. And we’ve likely been hurt through lack of support or personal care from our leader. Learn how to lead volunteers better.
21. Keep Your Volunteers
Don’t get trapped in a cycle of constant recruiting and training. Get tools for retaining volunteers.
20. It’s a Long Game
Overcome day-to-day hardships or discouragements by remembering a bigger purpose.
19. Number One Challenge for Ministry Leaders
Leading volunteers is hard, tiring work. Lead Volunteers can help you get immediate personal progress and get back to the work of ministry.
18. Excel at Leadership to Retain Volunteers
Lead and care for your volunteers well, so they don’t want to quit because of their leader.
17. The Workers are Few
According to our own math, we will never have enough workers to harvest those fields. However, “God’s math” is not our math and He is faithful.
16. Winning Brings Future Winning
Learn new things and challenge yourself constantly, not just one time a year.
15. Stop Going Downhill
Skill development and hard work will keep you fresh and alive.
14. Make Room for Loving People
Bring order and organization to your job so you have margin to love people, share Christ, and bandage the wounded.
13. Bring Chaos Into a Repeatable System
Get organized to better manage the volume of details associated with ministry.
12. Contact Volunteers for MORE Than Just an “Ask”
Reach out to volunteers to bless, encourage, and pray for them. Be known for pouring into them.
11. Create Community Among Your Volunteers
Develop relationships with your volunteers, but also between your volunteers.
10. Avoid Burnout
Stop running from one fire to the next and trying to do it all.
9. Do You Want to Grow?
Leading by yourself is a very lonely place. But God provides many different ways for encouragement and growth.
8. Share the Opportunity
Serving in the church provides volunteers the opportunity for community, deeper relationships, and growing in their faith.
7. Feel Free to Say “No”
Trust God, and give the freedom for potential volunteers to say “no.”
6. Two-Step Recruiting Plan
Do the hard work of creating a healthy ministry culture for future success in volunteer recruitment.
5. Make Decisions in Community
Learn how you can lead, develop a healthy team, and make better decisions by doing it in community.
4. End Today with Tomorrow
Win big for tomorrow by writing out goals and an agenda for the next day, before ending the day today.
3. Say Thank You
Volunteers need to be thanked in a way that matters to them.
2. The 3-Signs of a Miserable Job
Your volunteers should feel seen, have measurable goals, and know their work matters in the kingdom of God.
1. Who Are You Training?
A mentor once taught me that it was not my job to do the work of the ministry.