Summary: Get organized to better manage the volume of details associated with ministry.

The average ministry leader stays in their position around 18 months. I hope this shocks all of us. At the 18-month mark, someone is just getting started with relationship building. At that 18-month mark, the deposits of trust start to pay.  At 18-months, these leaders are finally in a position to possibly begin enjoying their job. The first 18-months of any job is just chaos. You can’t predict what’s around the corner because every corner is a brand new corner.

Why does the first 18 months tend to defeat so many leaders? What I really think prematurely kills many ministry careers is a lack of organization. A lack of organization short circuits ministry longevity. When a ministry leader is not organized, they are unable to manage the sheer volume of tasks and demands that are bombarding their inbox and their life. There is truly not enough margin for anyone to effectively carry out the duties assigned in a ministry role.

We all have super powers. Everyone of us has an individual edge on life that the next person might not have. Honestly, one of my superpowers is order and organization. When you get Lead Volunteers, you are really getting a tool to make the disorganized, organized.  I built Lead Volunteers to bring chaos into a repeatable system.

I think most ministry leaders burn out because they can’t manage the volume of details that are associated with their job. Don’t experience premature burnout. Get organized. Stop the revolving door of volunteers. Prevent your own personal ministry burn out.

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