Summary: We were volunteers before leading volunteers. And we’ve likely been hurt through lack of support or personal care from our leader. Learn how to lead volunteers better.

Do you want to know one of my greatest fears? I fear not taking care of a volunteer well and they get hurt. Listen. I was a volunteer for a very long time.  I GOT HURT sometimes and it was almost always from a lack of support or personal care from the staff leader I was serving under.

Then I became THE STAFF LEADER and transitioned AWAY from being a volunteer.  While it helps to have been a volunteer, that ground level knowledge can wear off.  I can forget pretty quickly.

You know if volunteers have a bad experience and quit, they will likely tell their friends. Then we feel doubly doomed. Word tends to spread and it tends to spread pretty fast.

I wished I could tell you that there was a simple solution. However, if Jesus Himself said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few,” you can pretty much take that one to the bank.

Volunteer leadership is hard. But it does not need to be impossible.

I am sending you these little video inspirations so you will not quit investing in yourself.  I want you to consider again whether the Lead Volunteers course might be a good fit for you.

I want you to consider joining the Lead Volunteer Learning Community SO YOU CAN BETTER invest in your volunteers.

Leading volunteers will always be hard work.  But it does NOT need to be as hard as you are likely experiencing. I have a proven plan to make the hard work of leading volunteers easier.  That is it. Plain and simple. Leading volunteers is hard. I have a plan to make it easier. I simply think you could benefit.

Let’s get better together. I want you to join me in this process.  I want you to come with me on a journey of learning how to Lead Volunteers – better.

Let’s GO.  Let’s do this. Let’s do this thing together.  Join today.