Summary: Skill development and hard work will keep you fresh and alive.

If you are coasting, you are going down hill. I’m a life-long learner, and I am always seeking to create something new. My desire to create new things often catapults me into a space where I need more info and I need to learn something new to actually conquer that hill that’s in front of me. I like new challenges. However, I often find myself stranded half way through the journey. I need to actually learn a new skill before moving forward. I often say “what have I gotten myself into this time”. The skills that I currently have will not allow me to scale up that new mountain. So, midway in the journey, I have to learn something in order to keep going. Here’s the thing, hard work and skill development will keep you keep you fresh and alive. What you don’t need to do is stay in a safe rut. Safe ruts are not going to motivate and inspire you.

My challenge to you today is grab onto something new. Don’t coast, because if you are coasting, you will be going downhill. Skill development and hard work will keep you fresh and alive. That’s why I created LEADVOLUNTEERS to give you, even the seasoned leader, a brand new take on an old challenge. LEADVOLUNTEERS exists to help you get refreshed, organized, and prevent ministry burn out.

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