Summary: Bring order and organization to your job so you have margin to love people, share Christ, and bandage the wounded.

My mission, simply put, is to help ministry leaders experience joy in their calling. So many ministry leaders experience pain and discomfort in their job. People feel a sense of calling and they enter the ministry with great hopes and expectations only to be bombarded and bamboozled by all the different tasks that come their way. The majority of people in the church today do not understand the sheer volume of administrative duties that come with being on staff at a church. My goal is to help bring order and organization to ministry leaders so that they have margin to love people, share Christ, and bandage the wounded.

I didn’t get into ministry to run the machine. I got into ministry to love people. I think so many in ministry find themselves behind the wheel of a very complex piece of machinery. They get overwhelmed not knowing how to peel themselves away from all of the gears, buttons, and demands of the job. We need to be freed from the details in order to free ourselves to have critical conversations and spirit-led discussions that lead to true life change.

That’s why I created LEADVOLUNTEERS. I want to help systematize your ministry life. I want to bring order to the chaos of enlisting volunteers in the work of the ministry. LEADVOLUNTEERS exists to help ministry leaders get organized, stop the revolving door of volunteers, and prevent personal ministry burnout.

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