Summary: There are people who find JOY to do that which you AVOID doing. Give away your “Red Light” tasks, and focus on doing what you love to do.

It is hard work to multiply ministry. It is often even hardest to know where to begin. What would be a good starting place to multiply yourself? Where should you start multiplying? Here is a great starting place: “What is the area you like the least in your ministry?”

Let’s get real. There are areas of the ministry that I simply do not like. When you are a solo leader with no team, you have to do it all. However, the goal is to enlist people who would find JOY to do that which you AVOID doing. This next exercise is what I call, “RED Light, YELLOW Light and GREEN Light.”

First, take an honest assessment of all the items for which you are responsible. Write them all down. Second, put the word RED next to items that slow you down, items you tend to avoid or items you outright hate to do. Red light activities SUCK energy from you. Next, place the word GREEN next to items that you absolutely love to do. Green Light activities GIVE you energy. Finally, place the word YELLOW next to those items that remain or those items that could go either way.

You now know which areas to find someone else to do. Give away your “Red Light” tasks. Bottom line: What is your least favorite thing could be someone else’s greatest joy. Find them.