Summary: Often you have to go out and look for the person perfectly equipped to serve in a particular area. But sometimes, one of your “faithful few” might be the one perfectly equipped for the area that you have a need in.

Let me tell you a powerful story. I remember we had a gaping hole in our special needs ministry. The special needs director role had been vacated for some time and the ministry was really struggling. The executive pastor handed this near failing ministry to me with the charge to fix it. I jumped in with both feet and worked hard to learn the insides of the ministry and the needs.

After about 6-months of labor and clean up, we were ready to find a permanent special needs director. Out of nowhere one of my top leaders surfaced as the perfect candidate. She was right under my nose. We transitioned her from her current role into what became the calling of her life. She thrived. This was one of the greenest of green light moments I have ever observed.

Ask yourself, “Which one of my “faithful few” is perfectly equipped in an area?” The challenge before you is often to go out and look for that person. But what if I told you that some of your “faithful few” might have an acumen for a task and they are sitting right under your nose.

In your meetings with your “faithful few,” lead gift assessments, personality studies and more. Be sure to let them know areas that need filling. You will be surprised by the hidden and latent gifts of those closest to you. Bottom Line: Look no further than your closest crew. They might hold some hidden gems.