Summary: By handing off areas of ministry that are running well, you can gain moe time to work on a new area and make it better. Work hard so you can keep working hard, not for ease.

Momentum is a powerful thing. Sometimes the best place to start your ministry multiplication is to find the simplest area to pass on. Ask yourself this question: “Which area is the easiest to hand off in your ministry?” It is like a simple and small snowball. It can start by handing off an area to someone so as to get it off your plate and gain some relief.

The real momentum starts when you take the time that another volunteer is now saving you and applying it to your next area to give away. Listen, the power of multiplication is not that our job becomes easy and we are taking mid afternoon naps every day. Not in the least. You are working hard and passing off areas of ministry so you can tackle something else and make it better.

I used to tell my staff team, “We work hard so we can keep working hard, not for ease.” There is so much to be done. There is little time to do it. Your dreams will not be realized if you are doing all the maintenance work of ministry. You need to get something running, hand it off and get something that is currently NOT running to run! Bottom Line: Give away the easiest thing so you can tackle something else.