Summary: Learn new things and challenge yourself constantly, not just one time a year.

I don’t like to make New Year’s resolutions. I like resolutions. I make them all the time.  I make resolutions and I make them often. I just don’t make them exclusively on New Years day.  I constantly seek to challenge myself. I set big targets and small targets in front of me on a regular basis.

You see, winning brings future winning. I seek to set frequent and continual resolutions that can be completed and come to resolution or finality. Winning paves the way for future winning. I don’t set annual resolutions. I set daily resolutions. Sometimes I set 4-day resolutions. Sometimes I set 6-week resolutions. Sometimes I set 18-month resolutions. Maybe even a simple 2-hour resolution. Pick a task, carry that one task to completion, and resolve to see it through to the end. The momentum of a completed task will have a snowball effect that leads to more success.

LEAD VOLUNTEERS is a series of micro-learnings. You read a small section in the leader book. You reflect and write a few thoughts about that reading. You watch a short 3-4 minute video. Finally, you download something and then you do that something right now. LEAD VOLUNTEERS is an action-oriented, master's level course. This is not just a think and feel course. It is a think, feel, and get something done course.

Challenge yourself constantly, not just one time a year. Resolve to make resolutions that breed future success and momentum.

Joint today!