Summary: Serving in the church provides volunteers the opportunity for community, deeper relationships, and growing in their faith.

Today I’m going to share with you the single biggest limiting belief that I had when it came to recruiting volunteers. I believed that recruiting volunteers was taking something from people.

Here I was, a former high school chemistry teacher now in the deep end of the ministry pool, and I was overwhelmed. I needed to recruit 250 volunteers that would serve every week for the next year. I needed 125 to serve on Sunday mornings and about 125 to serve on Wednesday nights. How could I do this?

God reminded me by asking me a simple question, “Remember how volunteering helped you grow, meet people in the church, deepen relationships and how volunteering helped you trust Me more?”

Then God inspired me at a deeper level. I felt as if God was saying to me, “Do you think I could do these same things in the lives of people you will recruit? Won’t they grow just like you did?”

At that moment, my outlook completely changed. I was not taking things from volunteers. I was providing people with the opportunity to grow. I was providing people the opportunity to meet new people and deepen existing relationships. I was giving people an opportunity to lay up treasure in heaven.

I want to challenge you today to rethink how you view recruiting. For me, recruiting became the pathway to the fulfillment of my calling to make disciples. I had ONE job as a pastor and it was to make disciples. Recruiting became the vehicle that helped me fulfill my calling. I can’t get behind slot filling, but I can get behind disciple making. helps provide inspiration, the wording, and the tools to effectively recruit, train, and retain volunteers.

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