Summary: While serving under Moses, Joshua searched out the promised land and was confident God would deliver the inhabitants into the hands of the Israelites. But he was in the minority. You may find yourself in the minority, yet you can still walk in obedience to God.

People are fallen and sinful. This fact alone makes ministry hard. You may say, “My bosses seem weak and they cave to pressure.” This could be true. If this is the case, let me say that you would not be the first one for whom this has happened.

Let’s look at the story of Joshua. Most people think the story of Joshua STARTED ith the opening lines of the old testament book that bears his name. Joshua’s story started long before he was in charge of the nation of Israel. Joshua was 2nd in command to Moses. He was a man of God.

He was chosen to search out the promised land and had faith. He had confidence that God would mightily deliver the inhabitants of the land into the hands of the Israelites. But Joshua was in the minority. His voice was not influential enough to overcome the naysayers. Joshua’s boss, Moses was a weak leader and caved to pressure. I wonder how Joshua must have felt. Joshua had to wander for 40 years with the rest of the disobedient nation, though he had faith. It was a long time before the mantle of leadership came his way.

You may say, “My bosses seem weak and they cave to pressure.” Joshua felt the same thing. Joshua’s success was his opediance. God will judge each one individually. When we are not in charge, we must trust that God is going to reward our obedience and not the outcomes from other fallen leaders. Take courage and be like Joshua.