Summary: Learn how you can lead, develop a healthy team, and make better decisions by doing it in community.

I’m going to say a shocking statement to you. You do not have what it takes to effectively move forward and make good decisions. During my 10 years in ministry, I tried to NEVER make decisions in isolation. I simply did not have enough data, enough bandwidth, and I could never think of all of the angles. Therefore, I made decisions in community.

I sought to constantly put trusted people around me who had various sources of information and data that I personally did not possess. The body of Christ has many members.

I had a calendar guru who knew all of the school calendars and the football schedules for our entire community and the surrounding communities. I needed her on my decision making team. I had a mom with several kids who helped me see my ideas from the vantage point of a busy mom. I had a technical person gifted at media and communication. The list went on and on.

I simply did not have what it takes within me, as one person, to make good decisions.

Decision making in community beats decision making in isolation every time.

I want to encourage you to learn how you can lead and develop a healthy team and lead in community by checking out We have a wealth of resources to teach you how to build a healthy team and surround yourself with the key players to help you make decisions IN community and stay away from decision making in isolation.  Join Lead Volunteers today.