Summary: When I started in ministry, no one told me that as a Shepherd, sometimes the sheep bite. But it happens.

I have been in ministry long enough to know the normal ups and downs. There are emotional peeks and valleys. During those emotional valleys, however, is where we need to take extra care of ourselves.

You begin to feel exhausted, disappointed and frustrated. You just wished people could “Get It”. You are a shepherd. You have been called to help lead these sheep. It’s hard, though, isn’t it? Being a shepherd is hard.

When I started in ministry, no one told me that as a Shepherd, sometimes the sheep bite. Then it happens. At just the wrong emotional moment, someone lashes out at you. You feel disenfranchised. You feel demoralized. You feel like hiding. You feel….unqualified. You still have to lead volunteers, but you wonder who will attack next. From where might the next attack come? Don’t they know that this is hard? Don’t they know that it would be easier with just a little additional support from volunteers?

But you now have this sense of paranoia. You start to ask, “Who is trustworthy?” I understand. Betrayal and hurt are part of the ministry. Welcome to the club. It’s happened to me. It hurts. It heals, sure, but I sometimes found myself a little paranoid, honestly. I have lived this life. Take heart. In this world you will have trouble. Rise up, don’t fight back and keep leading.

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