Summary: Ministry can be a lonely place. You may be surrounded by people but unable to share deep concerns with even your closest friends. Lift your needs up to God in prayer.

Volunteers grow in the Lord when they serve. When people don’t catch the vision for THEIR OWN personal betterment through serving, so much is lost. You end up compromising what is BEST for people and what is BEST for the ministry under the heading of “slot filling”. The worst part is that people miss out on seeing transformation within their own lives and on making an impact on others.

Listen. People who serve in ministry have a tremendous opportunity to grow as people and grow in their relationship with God. But we often settle for doing it….alone. Ministry can be a lonely place. We see how great it could be, but we as leaders, end up feeling like a failure. You end up feeling isolated.

Years ago, I told another leader, “Ministry is the loneliest people job there is.” Here is the thing: We are surrounded by people but there things we cannot share nor confide with even our closest friends at the church. They can tell YOU their job is not going that well, but it is hard to tell people at church YOUR job isn’t going well. My best answer for you today – lift this up to the Lord.

The Lead Volunteers course pales in comparison to what God can do for us through prayer. The Bible says, “You receive not because you ask not.” Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”. He is the Good Shepherd. He gets it. Stop right now and talk to Him.

I want to ask you something as well. What is holding you back from joining the Lead Volunteers Learning Community? I know we could help support you in some great ways. Let me know what is holding you back. Send me an email and let’s start the discussion.