Summary: You may have stopped pouring into your personal growth to meet the day-to-day demands of ministry. But you can jump back in.

I want you to envision a space where life, work and ministry are happily coexisting. I want you to picture the life satisfaction level in your life, your family’s life and your volunteer’s lives growing. There would be a great sense of internal AND external unity and togetherness.
Suddenly, you find yourself wanting to give more to your calling.

If your volunteer problems were solved, you could do SO MUCH MORE. If all the right people were in the right places, you could finally pour into the LIVES of those around you. If you were not constantly recruiting, you could actually do some of the real and foundational work of the ministry.

This pathway can be yours in some measure. But it is earned. It is not given. There is no shortcut to growing as a leader. If you have STOPPED pouring into yourself, I do not judge you. I have lived the life of directing a volunteer-lead organization. But, here is the trick. Jump back onto your growth game. Dust off your boots and get back up on the horse. 90% of success is just showing up. I want you to have access to all of the resources we have created through the Lead Volunteers platform. Let’s do this.