Summary: Through diligence and hard work, you could go from managing a group of volunteers, to watching volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty, fully leveraging their gifts with commitment and enthusiasm.

How amazing will it be to see your volunteers going above and beyond the call of duty. How cool would it feel to see them fully leveraging their gifts and abilities with commitment and enthusiasm?

I want to tell you of a success story. A leader took over a pained and weary group of volunteers. Through some hard work and years of effort, that same leader now had a waiting list of good people who WANTED to serve in certain areas of volunteer leadership. That success story is true. That story was about me. I got to that sacred and coveted space through hard work and through God’s favor. I was just trying to make it all work and not burnout.

Once very positive and yet unforeseen outcome of all of that hard work is this very course, Lead Volunteers. I want you to have full access to all that is offered through Lead Volunteers. I want THAT future for you. I want you to have your wildest volunteer dreams fulfilled. Let’s do some hard work together. Can I challenge you? Can I ask you to reconsider joining the Lead Volunteers learning community? Sign up today and let’s make progress in your leadership life together.