Summary: ust like a sports team, you need a deep bench of volunteers to allow the good ones to stay healthy.

Have you ever heard the phrase “You Need a Deep Bench”? Sports teams need to have back up quarterbacks or back up wide receivers. They need a “Deep Bench”. Good teams have deep benches. Good teams have trained and qualified people several layers deep in all positions.

You need to have a deep enough bench on your volunteer team to allow the good ones to stay healthy! You know it is important but it seems like such an elusive goal. How amazing would it be to have key leaders trained and able to pinch hit for absences and more. I want you to begin leading and learning so you can have a waiting list of qualified leaders who are ready to jump in. I want to help you fulfill your deep desire for a unified team. I want to work WITH YOU until that dream comes into focus.

How do we do that? How can we get there? Well, you can take a best first step and invest in yourself by getting this course. Here is the thing. You can gain a lot of inspiration from the material we have labored so hard to create. Join the Lead Volunteer Learning Community today and let’s take your next step together.