Summary: Are you looking for a plan that is actionable and can be instantly implemented? Lead Volunteers is Done For You - download resources and start today.

I have been in ministry for a long time. Like you, I would go to a conference and get all fired up about how I was going to revolutionize my approach to volunteers. I had HEARD some great things.

Do you want to know the reality that I experienced? I came back to an inbox filled with urgent needs. I came back to the reality that Sunday was just around the corner. What I really needed was something that did not take a ton of planning. However, THAT RESOURCE DID NOT EXIST. So, I built it myself.

When I endeavored to build this course, I did not want a DIY or “Do-It-Yourself” type resource. Ain’t nobody got time for that!? I wanted to give you something that could be instantly implemented. I wanted to give you a DFY resource. What I needed all those years ago was a “Done-For-You” Resource. What I needed from those conferences was a plan that was ready to roll.

I have worked and worked so you could have actionable things to download and DO this very Sunday. I want to remind you that you could have this resource. I built this for you. Let’s leverage it together. Join the Lead Volunteers community today.