Summary: Conferences are great for being inspired and recharged, and gaining ideas for ministry. If you need to go deeper, get help in specific ministry solutions, and have resources ready for you, join Lead Volunteers.

I am a huge fan of conferences. Going to a conference for me was so valuable. I got inspired and recharged. I went to all the volunteer breakout sessions. Maybe you did too. But here is the thing. Those breakout speakers get 45 minutes to communicate to you. Trust me. I have been that breakout speaker who wanted to have 20 hours of face-to-face of coaching meetings with each person. I live for that stuff.

But conferences do not really allow for that type of depth. We just need more. That is why I am so glad that you could join me on this leadership journey through the Lead Volunteers material. Together we can dial into specific solutions. WE GET TO GO DEEPER than I have ever been able to go with any 45-minute break out that I have led.

I wanted to give you what I always wanted: Ready to implement, downloadable resources. I wanted to give you quality materials that are modifiable, editable and ready to plug in right now. So here we are. I have worked super hard so that we could meet together just like this. There is so much we could do together and it is literally just behind the door. I am asking you to consider again becoming a member in the Lead Volunteers Learning Community. Join today and let’s go.