Summary: Lead Volunteers is a self-paced course where you can continually make progress but on your own terms.

I have been very aggressive about my own personal growth. I have invested in very expensive courses to get more knowledge and skill. One factor that always intimidates me when thinking about getting a course is time.

You may have been concerned about the time involved in a course like this. You may have had hesitations about how much work it might take. First, let me say that things that take hard work usually have great payouts in terms of skills gathered. The Lead Volunteers course has been laid out in very succinct and bite-sized chunks. We have made it simple. It would be rare, in my opinion, for someone to get the course and plow right through all the content in one massive setting.

In education, there is an important concept called, “Soak Time”. The brain learns best through fast paced and intense learnings. Then the brain can subconsciously crunch that new information – even while you sleep. We want to have you join the Lead Volunteers Learning Community. However, you can work at your own pace. We WANT you to take your time and do a few lessons at a time. But, we want you to keep making progress. This self-paced course is built for you to GROW in the midst of your busy ministry life.

What do ya say? Are you ready to make this jump? Join me TODAY. Let’s take the plunge and start learning together through the material.