Summary: Trust God, and give the freedom for potential volunteers to say “no.”

Today I’m going to tell you my most valuable recruiting phrase of all time. Here it is, “I want you to feel the freedom to say no”. You might be surprised that my number one recruiting line is to give people this huge open door to say no to me. Here’s the thing, we can be quite persuasive. I have the ability to use my human power of authority and influence when it comes to recruiting people.

We can even come across as pushy when we recruit because we tend to feel so desperate. Our pitch can place undue pressure on our potential volunteers. I want to remove all personal pressure and allow a clean and clear opportunity for people to hear from God.

Here is what I say to people, “If you feel you should not take on this roll, by all means, do not take it. Save yourself and please save me the pain. But if you pray and feel God saying that you should do this, please say “yes”.

You see, I want to give people a bold and clear opportunity to feel the freedom to say no. I want to boldly allow people to say no to me but possibly say yes to the Lord. I want to remove the pressure from my volunteers and dismantle my own sense of personal and powerful persuasion. I would much rather have people respond to the voice of the Lord than my human voice. is a proven path that allows you to get organized, retain volunteers, and prevent ministry burnout. We have system after system that would allow you to make sense of all of your recruiting needs.

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