Summary: Stop trying to organize evening meetings. Instead, access the done-for-you training videos that you can quickly copy and paste into an email to your volunteers.

Ministry reality check! No one comes to evening meetings. This is why we have provided you with a wealth of completed “Training Without the Meeting” videos you can send to your volunteer leaders’ inboxes, starting immediately. These video trainings allow you to quickly copy and paste into an email. The hardest part is clicking send.

Each “Training Without the Meeting” video comes with a prewritten synopsis and 4 engaging questions for volunteer reflection. Truly, this is a Done-For-You resource. Maybe you have used some of these videos that I created in the past. However, maybe you have forgotten that these resources exist. Maybe it is time to find another one and send it out!

Some of you, though, may not have tapped into this resource quite yet. I want to say this in a kind and yet bold way: You are missing out. This stuff has already been built. You just need to send it out. Let’s do this! Jump into the Lead Volunteers Learning Community and let’s maximize this resource and get it into your hands.