Summary: We do the work to make an easy and clear path for you to write thank yous to your volunteers.

Thanking volunteers in personalized ways is critical. Do you know that those who are members of the Lead Volunteers community have over 50 ready-to-use postcards? You know you need to do it, WE KNOW you need to do it! Therefore, we have taken care of everything except recording YOUR handwritten and personalized appreciation to YOUR volunteers.

Listen, it has to be easy or no one will use it. Again, this is our commitment to: A Done-For-You Resource. Here is a special hint that I used for years: I would pre-print address labels for my main volunteer leaders. I had like 8 identical labels for one of my leaders. This way, I could grab one of the PRE-PRINTED postcards and grab a PRE-PRINTED address label in seconds. I did the work that often STOPPED ME from doing anything and made a clear path.

I have done all this work for YOU. This little plan allows you to whip out a quick handwritten note with as little amount of hassle as possible. DO IT. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Let’s do this thing! Join me inside the Lead Volunteers Learning Community and get THIS amazing recourse and SO MANY OTHERS. Join today.