Summary: Beyond leadership resources to help you recruit, train and retain volunteers, we’ve provided a training module to help you see how to multiply your ministry efforts like faithful leaders in the Bible.

The Lead Volunteers tagline is “Recruit. Train. Retain.” We built this resource to equip you to Recruit, Train and Retain Volunteers. It is that simple. That is our goal. But that’s not all.

In addition to our core teachings around Recruit, Train and Retain, we are including a FREE bonus module as well. Our bonus, “Multiply” acts as a powerful capstone course, synthesizing all your learning into the highest order ministry plan, as laid out by Jesus Himself. The “Multiply” material is akin to placing rocket fuel into your leadership tank. This bonus will take your ministry to a level you never thought possible.

I have to say, the Multiply Module is one of my favorites. Honestly, my hope through the multiply material is to help you SEE how Old and New Testament saints have been multiplying ministry for thousands of years. You are a part of a grand procession of leaders who had one goal: That the World May Know. You are not alone. And as the classic passage in Hebrews says, “You are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.” Be encouraged.

So here is the thing: I want you to have the ENTIRE program and get better. I want you to have the Multiply Module as well as the rest…Join today. Join the Lead Volunteer Community and multiply YOUR leadership today.