Summary: Your Volunteers have needs - even the ones who seem to always be meeting the needs of your ministry. Don’t let them go overlooked.

There is a difference between “Needy Volunteers” and “Need-Meeting Volunteers”.

Let’s start with the “Needy Volunteers”. You have them. I have them. They require more of our time and energy. Sometimes, it feels like they can take TOO MUCH of our energy. Needy Volunteers have needs, right?

Now let’s talk about that other group of volunteers, the “Need-Meeting Volunteers.” These “Need-Meeting Volunteers” seem to find ways to meet your needs and the needs of the ministry. “Need-Meeting Volunteers” are such a breath of fresh air, aren’t they? I want to stop you for just a moment. Do you realize that both “Needy Volunteers” and “Need-Meeting Volunteers” have needs? Stop and listen to this: They both have needs.

Make sure you are meeting the needs of your “Need-Meeting Volunteers” and not ONLY meeting the needs of your “Needy Volunteers”. Here is a great danger for leaders in ministry. We can overlook one group for the other. Sometimes, our “Need-Meeting Volunteers” often go unnoticed. We can take them for granted. These “Need-Meeting Volunteers” just faithfully continue to show up, meet the needs of the ministry and are wonderfully low-maintenance. This does not mean they could be viewed as maintenance-free volunteers.

EVERYONE has needs. Personally, I want to take care of the plant that produces the most fruit. The life of many leaders is consumed with the “Needy Volunteers” as those Need-Meeting Volunteers faithfully carry the load. Do not be the leader that allows all of your energy to go to those who produce the least but whine the most. We must focus upon meeting the needs of and greasing the gears of our most productive and least needy volunteers.

Who can you reach out to today and let them know how valuable they are to the team? You see, it is little tips and reminders like this one that can keep you, as a leader, focused on the right things. This is just a tiny sample of the goals and vision behind Join today.