Summary: Reach out to volunteers to bless, encourage, and pray for them. Be known for pouring into them.

How would you feel if you knew that volunteers cringed when they saw the church phone number come up on caller ID?  Think about that. They see the church number on caller ID and they know the church is clearly asking them to do something. Do you remember Pavlov’s dogs? The bell rings and the mouths of the dogs salivated. The phone rings, it’s the church, prepare to be asked to do something. Sadly, we have conditioned our people.

In order to reset this conditioned response, we need to begin to reset the pattern. What if we called to bless, encourage, and pray for them. We can’t only be known for extracting things from them. We must be known for pouring things into them.

Call one volunteer today. Ask for nothing. Give and don’t just take. We need to call volunteers and ask nothing of them. We need to call them to bless them, pray with them and that’s it.

LEADVOLUNTEERS has a 7-page packet with suggested calling scripts. We call it the “No Ask Calling Script”. It even has spaces to write someone’s name and a space to record the date that you’ve called them.

As leaders, I believe that we can do better. LEADVOLUNTEERS is here to make it happen and help you make your leadership development happen faster.

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