Summary: Don’t get trapped in a cycle of constant recruiting and training. Get tools for retaining volunteers.

Do you want to hear something hard that I KNOW you can relate to?  It is something that people outside the church world just do not understand.

After you have poured into someone for years and then they walk up and tell you, “Hey, I think God is calling me to do something different. I need to step down from my volunteer role.”

Boom. Just like that you feel sunk. I heard it said, “When a professor quits, a library burns”.  All of that critical knowledge and experience – POOF – it’s gone.

In the same way, when a volunteer quits  - and I mean a good one – POOF – so much is lost.  I get it. I do not want you to lose another precious volunteer again. I build lead volunteers for three simple reasons:

Number One: Get organized. Number Two: Stop the revolving door of volunteers. And Number Three: Prevent ministry burn out.

WE MUST grow our game to take care of volunteers.  This starts with you. I want you to be a part of the Lead Volunteers Community. You are not in this alone. We have a wonderful and ever-growing team of people who have joined Lead Volunteers. We have a space for you. We have a community.

Let’s GO.  Let’s do this. Let’s do this thing together.  Join today.