Summary: If you have an event on Friday night … Sunday is still coming. You may constantly feel the looming pressure of finding volunteers. Grow yourself as a leader so you can better meet the demands of your ministry.

Do you want to know something that NEVER ever quits?  Want to know something that no amount of money, effort or vision can stop? There is something out there that science cannot stop.

Here it is: No matter what, Sunday is ALWAYS coming.  If you have an event on Friday night…Sunday is still coming.  If you hold a week-long outreach to the community, Sunday is still coming.  Every 7-days we need to have roles to fill.  It never ends.

You constantly feel the looming pressure of finding volunteers.  In all honesty, it seems like an unrealistic task.

When volunteers feel overwhelmed, they quit. You as a ministry leader don’t get the luxury of just quitting. Sunday is relentlessly marching toward you. You have that constant pressure of not having enough people to meet the demands of your ministry.

Listen, I get it. I have lived it for over 10 years in the trenches of local church ministry. There is a better tomorrow, however.  Sunday is always going to be just 7 days away each and every week.  You CANNOT change that.

You can, however, change the depth of the personal leadership INSIDE of you. It starts, in part, by taking steps toward your personal growth. It starts by moving the needle forward just a little more.  But you may wonder what you would need to do to make that type of growth will happen in your life.

I want you to consider joining the family of leaders who have access to the Lead Volunteers Course.

You need a pathway for your growth.  We have carved a path for you.  I want you to join the Lead Volunteers today.

Let’s do this.  Let’s make your life and ministry more exciting, more fulfilling and more manageable.   Join today.