Summary: Feeling ill-equipped and afraid is common! But we can take steps toward being a better leader even today.

Do you want to hear a secret and hidden reality in my life? I am basically scared and lack confidence that I can do great things.  I am being 100% honest and vulnerable with you right now.

I often feel like an ill-equipped junior high student who is frail and afraid.  I bet you feel this way from time to time as well.  In your quieter moments, you wonder if you have enough personal leadership to make it happen in your context.

Let me stop all misconceptions right now. You feel this way. The person at the stoplight next to you feels this way. The clerk at the grocery feels this way.

If you feel ill-equipped and afraid…guess what…you have just confirmed something important…YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING on planet earth.

You want volunteers to KNOW the blessing of serving.  But you wonder if YOU have what it takes to lead them there. Even after all these years of volunteer leadership, you still have this fear.  Guess what? So do I.

Let’s make a deal: Let’s remember we are human. Me and you will be human together and own our fears. However, we will take steps TODAY to get better.

I know that it may not seem like a huge deal, but I am on your side. I am willing to be in your corner. I have created something that could really help you and I want you to have access to it.

I want to boldly invite you to join our community today. Come and be a part of the Lead Volunteers family.  Go to today and kick start YOUR growth as a leader.