Summary: Retaining volunteers starts with training volunteers. It is needed, but no one wants to commit to frequent, lengthy meetings.

You know the value of training volunteers.  You need to do it. You want to effectively train volunteers so they feel prepared and not just feel like a warm body.

You know serving can have a great impact on THEIR life and make THEM better as a person. You want THEM to learn, grow and experience the joys of serving.

But no one is willing to show up to another evening meeting. Those who do show up could probably lead the meeting for you!  But there is a catch. In order to RETAIN leaders, you have to TRAIN leaders.

Here is the thing – do you realize that I am acting as a friend and mentor to you – RIGHT NOW through this video.  I have given my heart to God and asked Him if I can help you.  I mean that.  It is true.  Training is needed.  But you do not have to hold ANOTHER EVENING meeting.

The Lead Volunteers Course provides you access to dozens and dozens of ready to implement “Training Without the Meeting” videos. Doesn’t that sound so appealing? Training that happens WITHOUT an evening meeting.

I want you to reap the rewards of the wealth of content inside the Lead Volunteers Course. I want you to join today and make training volunteers and every aspect of volunteer leadership easier.

LEADVOLUNTEERS exists to help ministry leaders get organized, stop the revolving door of volunteers, and prevent personal ministry burnout.