Summary: A recent survey showed four factors experienced by volunteers who were NOT experiencing burnout. Do you have the resources to enhance these factors?

A recent survey of volunteers indicated 4 key factors in the volunteers who were NOT experiencing burnout. #1 - They Felt Appreciated  #2 - They Felt Fulfilled  #3 - They Enjoyed People With Whom They Served  #4 - They Felt Supported by the Staff or Pastor.  These are key factors in preventing burnout.

People need to feel appreciated.  People need to feel like their role matters.  People need to experience community. People need to feel like they are supported by someone in charge.

Question: Do you have the resources at your fingertips to enrich these factors? Are you implementing a well-constructed plan or are you just winging it?  Lead Volunteers is a Master Level Course and Downloadable Implementation System that allows you to pour into these areas right now. You know you need them. You know you should build them. Sunday is always coming and the important is always squeezed out by the urgent.

Listen, these things are not rocket science. Honestly, so much of what I have created is just common-sense-ministry.  There is nothing new under the sun. But most of this is NOT being done.

Let us help you cut some corners. I am here to help you fast-track a proven plan.

LEADVOLUNTEERS helps you get organized, stops the revolving door of volunteers and prevents burnout. Why not let me do the heavy lifting for you. You need help and I’m here to help.  Join today!