Summary: We’ve all felt so desperate to fill a role that we plug in an unqualified volunteer. Develop a plan for regularly recruiting and retaining volunteers so this doesn’t happen to you.

Have you ever recruited someone out of desperation? You are massively behind and there are some pretty big holes.  Here is the worst part.  The people you do have serving are carrying a greater load because you are short staffed.

This leads to an unrealistic load for those who have said yes. Before long, you are running the risk of losing them. If this happens, you are doubly doomed.

Now you are desperate. Yet you know, when you recruit out of desperation, you are taking an even MORE dangerous path. The reality of being SO understaffed sets in and you resort to finding a warm body.

When we feel backed into a corner, we are prone to hastily plug in an unqualified volunteer and blow past checks and balances.  You resort to finding volunteers that are not as strong in their faith and maturity as they need to be.  They succumb to issues of sin and you now have to confront them.  Been there; done that.

You hate this situation because you now have “clean up on aisle 9.”  This happened because of your hastiness in recruiting the wrong people.

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