Summary: Ministry leaders know if they do not find volunteers, it means doing it by themselves. But you can set a better path.

Life is hard as a leader of volunteers.  You live with this painful reality that if you do not find volunteers, you will have to do it all by yourself.

You have high standards that you want to keep.  You know that if YOU have to work triple time, you’ll do it.  But who are you kidding? You DON’T HAVE TIME to work triple time!

The stress level spikes again. The toll it takes on your personal life or marriage is profound.  You know what is coming: the inevitable and impending reality of personal burnout.

The Lead Volunteers course is a preventative course. It is designed to PREVENT your burn out. It is designed to help you lead in such a way that your family does not hate YOU and hate the ministry.

There is an easier path toward leading volunteers.  We have provided that path. There is a bright path ahead and you can Lead Volunteers in a healthier and more sustainable way.  Join the Lead Volunteers Community and discover how to lead in a sustainable way.

LEADVOLUNTEERS helps you get organized, stops the revolving door of volunteers and prevents burnout.

Join today!