Summary: We were created to fight against something. When we don’t know what the mission really is, we start picking fights with each other, typically about irrelevant things.

There was a landmark study comparing mothers who licked their child’s pacifier vs. moms who boiled their child’s pacifier. I hope I have caught your attention.

Scientists concluded that how a parent deals with a pacifier is a predictor for other areas of their life. Think about it. If a parent boils a pacifier to kill germs, they are likely to have a very sterile environment. Contrast this with parents who licks the pacifier, gets the big chunks off and puts it back in the kid’s mouth. Stick with me.

If children grew up in a super sterile home, they had a higher rate of autoimmune diseases. However, children exposed to more bacteria and environmental ills had a lower risk of autoimmune diseases.

White blood cells are exclusively tasked with fighting off bad things. Interestingly enough, when a child was in a hyper sterilized environment, there were no bacteria for white blood cells to fight. The white blood cells - being conditioned to fight – begin to fight against that child’s very own body, an autoimmune disease.

On the other hand, those who had homes with a normal amount of bacteria, their white blood cells had something legitimate to fight against. In other words, the white blood cells didn’t turn against the host because they were occupied with fighting external bacteria.

When the church doesn’t see an external thing worth fighting for or against, we will start picking battles within each other. We were created to fight against something. The trick is, when we don’t know what the mission really is, we start picking fights with each other, typically about nonsensical and irrelevant things. On the battlefield, you have bullets flying over your head and you are looking the enemy directly in the face. You don’t really have time to be concerned that your fellow soldiers have a different taste in music than you do. That’s irrelevant. One of the most demoralizing aspects of war is death by friendly fire. No wonder Jesus said,“They will know you by your love”.

It’s a leader's job to give people a vision to charge that hill, lest one another we kill.

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