Summary: Ministry leaders should see the goal as developing the future, not just dominating right now.

I worked at a super successful high school. This school DOMINATED at nearly every sport. The Valley High School football team won 3 state championships in a row. How did they do this? One of the ways they accomplished this was through this phrase: "We play the freshmen”. Valley High School could quickly be ahead 28-0. At this point, a decision needed to be made: Do we want to be “The BEST” or be “The BUILDERS of the Future Best”?

The first team could have stayed in the game and easily racked up another 50 points. They could have. But the wiser move was to slowly integrate less experienced players alongside very experienced players. “We play the freshmen” is a ministry concept in need of full adoption. How did Valley High School have a great team THIS YEAR? Well, three years ago, when they were ahead by 24 points, the coaches made a future facing decision and played the freshmen. These freshmen were now seasoned seniors and dominating the field. In ministry, we need to see the goal as developing the future and not just dominating right now. Put in your freshmen. Put them into the game. Let the play go a little rough today for the greater kingdom good down the road. Your best move is often NOT to play your best players, but to build tomorrows players right now.

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